May 4, 2013

Distefano Colorful Series

Lug Size 26-26

S-line Edition Size 26-26-125-75
L to R :Titanium (SOLD); Yellow Gold (IN STOCK); Seaweed (SOLD)

Lug Size 24-24
Size 24-24-125-75
PreVintage Black
 S-Line Yellow Gold (SOLD)
S-Line Red (SOLD)

S-Line Petroleum (SOLD)
Mosaic Tan (SOLD)

May 3, 2013

Distefano Special Edition

Bruno Allegrini  "# 128" 26-26 80-140mm (SOLD)

Museum Tobacco 
Lug Size 26-26  80-130mm (SOLD)
Lug Size 24-24 80-130mm (SOLD)

Distefano Cognac Saddle (Limited)

Cognac Longstraps 26-26 150-90mm (SOLD)
Cognac Saddle PVD Buckle 24-24 125-75mm (SOLD)

Distefano Small Lug Size (22mm )

Size : 22-22mm 120-70mm
Tobacco Saddle PVD Buckle
MichelAngelo (SOLD) 
S-Line Yellow Gold (SOLD)
Tobacco Saddle Brushed Buckle (SOLD)

Distefano Nubuck Gator

Black Nubuck Alligator with Old Gold Stitch Special Ed. (ALL SOLD)

Maddog Canvas Series

Lug Size 26-26
Lug/Length Size: 26-26 / 135-75mm ( L-R: #1 (SOLD) )

Lug Size 24-24
Lug/Length Size: 24-24 / 135-75mm ( L-R: #1 (SOLD) )

Maddog Ammo Series

Lug Size 26-26 mm
Size: 26-26 135-75mm
Top:#2 (SOLD)
Bottom: #1 (SOLD) 
Lug Size 24-24mm
Size: 24-24 135-75m (ALL SOLD) 

Maddog Baseball Series

Original Vintage Baseball Gloves
"Wilson" Print  24-24 / 135-75mm (SOLD)
"Rawlings" Print  26-26 / 135-75mm

Original Limited Baseball Ball
"Stars" Print  26-26 / 135-75mm (SOLD)
"Cincinnati" Print  24-24 / 135-75mm