Jul 23, 2012

OEM Panerai Straps and Buckle 26mm

The Straps are taken from PAM 372 and PAM 217 (SOLD)
The Original Panerai Big Buckle 26mm (SOLD)

Di Stefano Straps - Tobacco Color

GameKeeper 26-26 125-75 (SOLD)
Bruno GameKeeper 26-26 125-75 (SOLD)

Jul 14, 2012

Di Stefano Straps (24mm Series)

L to R : 24-24mm 125-75mm
1. Trex Lobster (SOLD)
2. Alligator Dark Tobacco 
3. Alligator Summer Green (SOLD)

Di Stefano Straps (26mm Series)

Vintage Bruno
L to R Size : 26-26mm 125-75mm
Black Color (SOLD)
Tobacco Color 
Mustard Color 
Tan Color 
Military Saddle
L to R Size : 26-26mm 
1. 26-26mm - 125-75mm (SOLD)
2. 26-26mm - 145-90mm (SOLD)
Alligator & Museum
L to R Size : 26-26mm 125-75 mm
1. Alligator Glossy Brown 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
2. Museum Tan  26-26mm 130-80mm (SOLD)
3. Alligator Summer Green 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)

Orloff Strap - Handmade in Italy

26-26mm 125-80mm
L to R :
26-26mm 125-80mm
L to R :