Jun 11, 2012

Di Stefano Collections

Saddle Woodgrain & Military 

Mahogany 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Mahogany 24-24mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tobacco 24-24mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tobacco 26-26mm 145-90mm (long straps) (SOLD)
Museum and Game Keeper Tobacco

Tobacco Museum 26-26mm 130-85mm (SOLD)
Game Keeper 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Vintage Bruno

Black 26-26mm 125-75mm(SOLD)
Tan 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tobacco 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)

Jun 10, 2012

Di Stefano - Trex & Alligator Series

Lobster 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Black 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tobacco 24-24mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Sands 24-24mm 125-75mm (SOLD)

Vintage Alligator
Light Grey 26-26mm 130-80mm (SOLD)
Tobacco Black 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tan 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Dark Blue 26-26mm 125-75mm (SOLD)
Special Thanks to Mr AWH from Indonesia

Jun 8, 2012

Kaktus - Fransson "Signature Series"

The Drifter
24-24 125-80mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)

The Seven
24-24 125-80mm Brushed Buckle

Jun 3, 2012

Kaktus Straps - Geneva Switzerland

Now Available...!!!
Left : Mandalay 26-26 125-80mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
Right: Mandalay 24-24 125-80mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
Mapple Beater 24-24 125-80mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)

wait upcoming post "The Signature Series of Kaktus Straps (Fransson Geneva)"
Do not miss it..!!!

Jun 2, 2012

GSD Collection (updated)

Stitchless Style
L to R
1. Crazy Horse-2 26-26;80-125mm GPF Buckle (SOLD)
2. Saddle 26-26;80-125mm GPF Buckle (SOLD)
3. Siena 26-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
4. Maverick 26-24;80-125mm PVD Buckle (SOLD)
L to R
1. Maverick 24-24;80-125mm GPF Buckle  (SOLD)
2. Marrone Antico 24-24;80-125mm GPF Buckle  (SOLD)
3. Oak Leaf  24-24;80-125mm GPF Buckle  (SOLD)
Stitch Style
L to R
1. Ammo 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
2. Horween Black 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
3. Dark Green 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckl (SOLD)
4. Naturalle 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
L to R
1. Tobacco 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
2. Olivio 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
3. Marrone Antico 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)
4. Ox Blood 24-24;80-125mm Brushed Buckle (SOLD)