Dec 30, 2012

Distefano Straps (updated-3)

Saddle Military Tobacco Size 26-26 ;125-75 mm (SOLD)
1. Military Uniform 26-26 ; 130-85mm (SOLD)
2. Green Sharkie 26-26 ; 125-75mm
1. Bruno Navy 27-24 ; 125-75mm
2. Pre-Vintage 27-24 ; 125-75 mm (SOLD)

Orloff Greyish (updated-2)

1. 26-26 mm (SOLD)
2. 26-24 mm with PVD Buckle (SOLD)
3. 24-24 mm (SOLD)

Various Straps (updated-1)

Size 24-24mm
1. Orloff Fieno (SOLD)
2. Orloff Ambra
3. Orloff Navy (SOLD)
4. GSD British Brown (SOLD)
5. GSD Havana Brown
Size 26-26mm
1. Distefano Convoy with Flaming Buckle
2. GSD Horween Natural

Dec 25, 2012

Distefano - Classic Series

Game Keeper
Size 24-24mm ; 125-75
Tobacco (SOLD)
Size 24-24mm ; 125-75
Mosaic Stone
Mosaic Gold (SOLD)

Distefano - Pre-Vendome Series

Size 24-24mm
L to R:
Vachetta (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)
Size 27-24mm for Radiomir 45mm or 47mm
L to R:
Vachetta PVD Buckle (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)
Tan (SOLD)

Distefano - Bruno Vintage Series

Size 24-24 ;125-75mm
L to R:
Navy Bruno (SOLD)
Bruno Black (SOLD)
Bruno Tan (SOLD)
Size 24-24 ;130-85mm
Black Widow with PVD Buckle (SOLD)
Size 26-26 ;125-75mm
Bruno Mustard (SOLD)
Bruno Black (SOLD)

Dec 24, 2012

Is This PreOwned Straps ?

 Distefano Double Row Horn Back 26-26 125-75mm (SOLD)

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The Eight Straps

Dec 22, 2012

Straps of The Day (Distefano Special Ed Series)

Distefano Museum Exhibit on 372
Courtesy of Mr. BS @Jkt
Distefano MichaelAngelo on 425
Courtesy of Mr. SB@Jkt

Dec 17, 2012

Orloff Straps - 26mm Coccodrillo Serie

Size 26-26 125-75mm
1. Grey with Matched Stitching
2. Tan with Matched Stitching
Size 26-26 125-75mm
1. Black with Old Gold Stitching (SOLD)
2. Navy with Ivory Stitching
Size 26-24 125-75mm
1. Tan with Matched Stitching
2. Tan with Matched Stitching
Size 26-24 125-75mm
1. Grey with Black Stitching PVD Buckle
2. Grey with Ivory Stitching

Orloff Straps - 24mm Coccodrillo Serie

Size 24-24 125-75mm
1. Tan Matching Stitching
2. Grey with Matched Stitching
Size 24-24 125-75mm
1. Navy with Ivory Stitching
2. Grey with Ivory Stitching (SOLD)

Dec 16, 2012

Orloff Straps - Handmade in Italy

Size 24-24 125-75mm
1. Fieno
2. Ambra
3. Giungla

4. Siena (SOLD)
5. Navy
6. Cuoio
Size 26-26 125-75mm
1. Ambra (SOLD)
2. Fieno
3. Siena
4. Navy
5. Cuoio
6. Giungla

Dec 10, 2012

Nov 24, 2012

Landa Straps (New Design)

Courtesy to Mr. BS @ Jakarta
Lug :24-24mm Length: 125-75
Lug :26-26mm Length: 125-75 (SOLD)

Nov 21, 2012

Straps of The Day "372 on Catwalk"

PAM 372 with DiStefano Hornback Alligator
Courtesy of Mr AI @ Jakarta
The Twins PAM 372 with DiStefano Straps
Courtesy of Mr BS and GRD @ Jakarta

Nov 8, 2012

Distefano - Pappilon (Limited Edition)

Size 26-26 130-85mm
L to R:
Tobacco Color (SOLD)
Tan Color (SOLD)

Nov 3, 2012

Distefano - 24mm PreVendome Series

L to R:
Lug: 24-24mm Length: 125-75mm
Tan (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)
Vachetta (SOLD)

Distefano - TRex Edition (New Color)

Titanium Trex Lug: 26-26mm Length: 130-85mm (SOLD)
Dessert Trex Lug: 24-24 Length: 125-75 mm (SOLD)

Distefano Vintage Alligator (New Color)

L to R
Aged Black NuBuck Lug: 26-26mm Length: 130-85mm(SOLD)
Military Uniform Lug: 26-26mm Length: 130-85mm

Distefano - Special Edition

X-1 Lug: 26-26mm Length: 155-90mm (SOLD)
Seal Burgundy Lug: 24-24 Length:125-75mm

Oct 31, 2012

Straps of the Day

Azimuth Chrono Gauge Mecha-1 BMF 
with Distefano Black Grey Sharky
Courtesy of Mr RP @Jakarta

Oct 26, 2012

Handmade Italy 24mm Series (stock update)

Lug: 24-24mm Length: 125-75mm
Bruno Tan (SOLD)
Bruno Mustard (SOLD)
Pre Vendome Vachetta (SOLD)
Lug 24-24mm Lenght: 125-75mm
Museum Tobacco (SOLD) 
Sharkie Tan (SOLD)
Lug: 24-24mm Lenght: 125-80mm
Orloff Black Alligator (SOLD)
Orloff Dark Brown (SOLD)
PAM 112 with Orloff Black Alligator
Courtesy of  Mr YA @ SBY

Distefano Straps 26mm Series (stock update)

Tobacco Saddle 26-26mm 125-75mm
Black Saddle 26-26mm 130-85mm (SOLD)
Double Row Hornback
Gator Black 130-85mm (SOLD)
Dark Honey 125-75mm (SOLD)
Tobacco 125-75mm (SOLD)
L to R
Convoy Parchment
Sharkie Kelp Green
Black Bruno

Oct 23, 2012

Distefano Atlantic Convoy

Rusty Tan 125-75 ; 26-26 (SOLD)
Parchement 125-75 ; 26-26

Distefano Double Row Hornback Gator Series

Double Row Hornback Gator Black 130-85 ; 24-24 (SOLD)
Double Row Hornback Gator Tobacco 125-75 ; 24-24 (SOLD)
Double Row Hornback Gator Dark Honey 130-85 ; 24-24 (SOLD)

Oct 22, 2012

Distefano Vintage Series

27-24mm 125-75 Pre Vendome Tan (SOLD)
27-24mm 125-75 Pre Vendome Vachetta (SOLD)
26-26mm 125-75 Bruno Black 

Oct 21, 2012

Distefano Special Edition "Museum Exhibit"

26-26mm 125-75mm Tobacco (SOLD)
26-26mm 125-75mm Tan (SOLD)
24-24mm 125-75mm Tobacco (SOLD)