Oct 25, 2011

Dirk Straps - The Series

Lenght : 120/75mm Lug: 24/24
Vero Squalo Khaki stitching, Brushed Buckle
Vero Cuoio PAV 91 matching stitching, PVD Buckle (SOLD)
Vero Cuoio Dark Cognac beige stitching, SS Buckle (SOLD)
Vero Squalo Khaki stitching PVD Buckle (SOLD)
Vero Cuoio PAV 91 matching stitching, Brushed Buckle
Thanks to Mr JL Straps Enthusiasm from Indonesia

Oct 23, 2011

Landa Straps - Raw Denim Series

Size Length: 130-80mm Lug: 24-24mm
Raw Denim is one of Signature Series of Julien Collections
Each straps have an own unique color and pattern..

Oct 17, 2011

GSD Straps - Vintage Military Straps

Vintage Military Straps : 130-80mm and 24-24mm
Left : Mat 49-1
Middle : Swedish Gustaf (SOLD)
Right : Mat 49-1

Oct 12, 2011

GSD Straps - Crazy Horse 2 Series

Lug-Buckle: Size 24-24mm  Length :130-80mm

GSD Straps - Tan Series

NATURALE 130-80mm and 24-24mm
Left: Antique Stitch
Right: Black Stitch
Straps Patina (Naturale after used some weeks ) 
Courtesy of GSD Straps

SADDLE TAN 130-80mm and 24-24mm
Left: Antique Stitch (SOLD)
Right: Black
Left: SORREL 130-80mm & 24-24mm  Antique Stitch (SOLD)
130-80mm & 24-24mm Antique Stitch 

GSD Straps - Horween Series

Horween Whiskey 130-80mm and 24-24mm  
Left: Black Stitch Box Style
Middle: Black Stitch Death End Style (SOLD)
Right: Antique Stitch  Death End Style
Horween Black 130-80mm and 24-24mm
Orange Stitch (SOLD)

Oct 2, 2011

Landa Straps - Denim Style Series

Left: 24-24mm Raw Denim
Right: 24-24mm Black Stone Washed

Left: 24-24mm Red Stripes Jeans
Right: 24-22mm Blue Washed Jeans

Left: 24-24mm  Faded Blue Washed
Right: 24-24mm Raw Denim Extra Brown

24-22mm Washed Tan

Left: 24-24mm  Blue Washed Jeans with Brown Suede Tail (SOLD)
Right: 24-24mm Blue Washed Jeans with Brown Red Tail (SOLD)

Oct 1, 2011

Landa Straps - Colorful Straps

Left: 24-24mm  Dark Green (SOLD)
Right: 24-24mm Red Yellow Stitch (SOLD)
Left: 24-24mm  Mint Color
Right: 24-24mm Bright Orange
Left: 24-24mm  Vintage Green
Right: 24-24mm Yellow Supple Nu-buck
Left: 24-24mm  Black Gold Stitch (SOLD)
Right: 24-24mm Burgundy (SOLD)
Left: 24-24mm  Dark Orange
Right: 24-24mm Dark Blue (SOLD)
Daylight on Red Stone Washed 
Courtesy to Mr AI@ Jakarta

Landa Straps - Ammo Looks Series

Left: 24-24mm  Soft Tan
Right: 24-24mm Ammo Look