May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011

Straps of the Day

PAM 299 with Raw Denim Straps..
Courtesy of Mr VH @ Yogjakarta

May 17, 2011

24mm Brownies Straps

Oiled Leather (SOLD)
Brown Spotted (SOLD)
Texture Brown (SOLD)
Weather Beaten (SOLD)

Chocolate (SOLD)

Distressed Leather (SOLD)

May 16, 2011

24mm Reddish Straps

Reddish Black Stitch (Out of Stock)
Reddish Yellow Stitch (Out of Stock)

24mm Stylize Straps

Dark Orange (Out of Stock)
Texture Beige
Soft Tan

May 12, 2011

26mm Straps Series

26-26mm Distressed Series

26-26mm 360 Serie

26-24mm Calf Leather #1

26-24mm Calf Leather #2 (Out of Stock)

Croco-gator Straps

24mm Alligator Straps (out of Stock)

24mm Brown Croco-Gold Stitch

24mm Brown Croco-Black Stitch

24mm Black Croco-Black Stitch

May 9, 2011

Denim Style Straps

Stone Washed
New Washed (out of stock)
Raw Denim

Summer Jeans (Out of Stock)

Kain Straps Parade

KH #1

KH #2

KH #3 (out of stock)

KH #4
KH #5
KH #6

Lug End :24-24mm
Size : 130-80

Vintage Baseball Glove Straps

Baseball #2 (out of Stock)

Baseball #3 (out of Stock)

Baseball #5 (out of Stock)
Lug End :24-24mm
Size : 130-80

Ammo Leather Straps

Ammo #1 (out of Stock)

Ammo #2 (out of Stock)

Ammo #3 (out of Stock)

Lug End: 24-24mm
Size : 130-80mm